for Víctor (and 1ºESO B) to give you your marks, ... Click on COMMENTS and write your message. I will answer there.
Have a nice weekend!


Víctor said…
what mark have i got?
Margarita said…
Hi, Víctor!
You have a ...6.25
P.S. Next time you could add "please"!
Raquel said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Have a nice weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher,im Imad: (What mark have i got)?


Please respond me
Margarita said…
Hi, Imad!
In this exam you have got a 6.5
See you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for answering teacher :)


bye bye
Anonymous said…
teacher victor cuanto saco el me dijo k te lo dijeracuanto saco??
Margarita said…
In English, Imad, please!

What is Víctor's mark?
Well, ... 4.5
See you on Wednesday!
Anonymous said…
teacher esto no te lo se decir en ingles-mañana have school??ay colegio?mañana
Margarita said…
You can sleep!

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