To 1ºBac B

CONFIRMED: English Test Thursday at 8:30

The exam must be postponed. I'm trying to arrange it for Thursday, at 8.30. As soon as I know if I can have the 1st period, I'll let you know here; please, spread the news!

Have a nice holiday tomorrow! And mind the cyclones!


Anonymous said…
Hi Margarita,I want to know my mark of the exam of today, when you have the mark, you can send them to me at this address

Cristopher said…
Hello teacher!! I would like to know my english mark.. u can send it to

Bye bye
Iago said…
Hello teacher! I really want to know my English mark, hang soon please or send it to me at my address:
corrected with much affection and love!!!!
Margarita said…
My dear students,
I can tell you your marks here. I hope you don't mind the effort of opening this website instead of your email!
PS: Lois: Congratulations. This has been your best exam so far: 8.25
Christopher: 7.5
See you! Have a nice weekend
Margarita said…
Your marks here!
Iago: 7.25 (but "Hang! Do you mean "upload" or "post"?)
See you!
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher¡¡

If you don't mind I also would like to know my mark in today's can send it to me ( publish it here, it's the same for me.


Bye bye :)

Paula de Santos Muñoz
daniel said…
hi teacher can you said my exam mark?
you can send at this addres

bruno said…
Hello Margarita, Can you tell me the exam mark please
oscar said…
Hi teacher, you can said my mark.
you can send them to this adress
Margarita said…
Your marks in this exam, (the term marks may differ):
Paula: 9. ¿25?
Dani: 7. ¿25?
Bruno: 3.75
Óscar: ¿7.25?

The Question marks are because I left the exams and my notebook at school this afternoon after your "evaluación", so I'm telling you "by heart" (= de memoria).
See you!
Alba Guede said…
Hello teacheR!! I would like my mark in the exam. Can you send me an e-mail?
Thanks! Bye :)
Anonymous said…
hi teacher!!
i'd like to know my mark (i'm Iñigo) and Carlos's mark
i'll tell him his note on a phone call
he's going to call me soon
Margarita said…
I'm very sorry because I left my notebook and exams at school, so I insist, this is by heart:
Alba G.: You had 7.¿25? I'll tell you exactly tomorrow, Ok?:but an 8 in this Term.
Iñigo: 9.75 (I remember it very well because you just had this little mistake in the very last sentence!)
And Carlos has a 6.¿50?, 6 this term.

Have a nice evening!
Alba Guede said…
Thanks teacher!!
Anonymous said…
hi taecher, i want to know my mark in this exam, i hope pass it!!!
Julio Pérez said…
hi teacher, i´m julio, i want to know my mark in this examn please!
thank you
Anonymous said…
I want to know my maaaaaarks!!!
Sara :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much teacher¡¡ :)
Anonymous said…
Hello! Im Aldara, I want to know my mark and the Samanta's.
Margarita said…
Hi, 1ºB!
I didn't see you today to show you your exams.
More marks:
Julio: 6.
Sara: 8.25
Aldara: 4.75 (you've passed this term but you need to work harder, Aldara)
Samanta: 5.25

To those who said "Thanks": You're welcome!
To all of you: Have a great weekend and see you on Monday with your Report Cards.
Anonymous said…
hello!i am marta
Can you tell me the exam mark please
Margarita said…
Hi, Marta!
You had a 5.75
See you!
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!!
I know that you aren´t my teacher now, but I have to say you that I miss you!! And all my classmates too!!You´re the best English teacher we have ever had...!!I don´t lie!!
Nothing else, thank you so much!!

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