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City life

  Do you like living in a city or do you prefer a small town? Why? What are the main problems of our city?  And the good things about it? What would you try to change if you were the mayor? What's your dream city like? Have you visited any big cities? If so, tell us about it If not, what city would you like to visit? Why? What are the largest cities in our country? What do/n't you like about them? Why? More questions about cities here Do you know the words and phrases in this City Life Wordle? Make sentences with them: City life vocabulary:  1 ,  2 Extra Vocabulary:  Community institutions  Crime and emergencies Video Practice about Cities: The daily commute Natural disasters: Venice floods The future of cities HK's housing problems We can't leave an entry about city life without mentioning " sustainability " Do you know what it is? Let's watch one of Smart City Sweden 's projects:

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