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Adriana & Gloria

New Year's Eve

"A Christmas carol" by Charles Dickens - Read the story

'Monkeys Christmas Message'

Merry Christmas!

"A Christmas carol" by Charles Dickens

Christmas - A bit of everything

Aarón's Friends

Christmas - Christmas carols

Ready, Steady, Go!

Christmas (3): It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

Christmas (2): Some jokes

Christmas (1): Have fun with Santa

Little Miss Sunshine

Some geography

1º ESO, let's practise!

The brave ones

What's my mark?

Hi, 1º Bac A!

A movie review

2ºE class

TOPICS: Thanksgiving Day

What do you look like?&What are you like? 1ºESO B

What do you look like? 1ºESO A

I've got your marks, 1ºC ...

A real friend

What is she like?

How are you?

Pronouncing -ED endings

Why study English?

1ºESO, Let's practise Unit 2

Visiting London

Gerund or Infinitive?

The election is over!

1ºESO - The big challenge

Large Hadron Rap

1st dialogues by 1ºESOB

Salem Witch Trials



1ºESO Unit 1

Do you like films?

Quotes about Teenagers

Welcome, 2º Bachillerato!

Some Practice for 1ºESO

Irregular Verbs Fun

Otero Students' English Blogs

Best Videos Ever?

My Presentations

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