I've got your marks, 1ºC ...

Yes, I've got your marks, ...
And here is a song that I like: "In my arms" by Teddy Thompson
Have a nice weekend!!


Anonymous said…
Hellow. I´m Brais. Can you tell me my mark please?
Margarita said…
Hi, Brais!
Yes of course!
You've got a 9.25.
See you tomorrow!
Margarita said…
Hi, Mª Jesús! I've read your comment in last year's entry.
Thanks for writing!
You've got an 8.
Anonymous said…
I'm Maria Jesus of 1ESO C.What's my mark please?
Margarita said…
Hi, Mª Jesús!
Are you asking me about Rip Van Winkle?
Not very well, ... I have to check your book activities and decide what to do.Perhaps I'll have to ask you some more questions about the story, but don't worry! There's no problem.
See you!

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