Happy Holidays!

Great video: a man's life story in photos:


Dani said…
Thank you for comment!
I think I'm not going to go to the cinema this holidays... I went to see 2012, and I won't recommend it to you unless the only you want ton see were good special effects. The plot is... is... una porquería. jejeje. I also saw American gangster (not in the cinema), it's very good.
Well, I'm waiting for the 3rd part of Millennium (have you seen the films or read the books? I think you'd like it), that appears on January the 8th. Ah! I'm also waiting for Alicia in the wondeland, directed by Burton, it seems to be a very good film! (It will appear on March...).
Yesterday I finished The picture of Dorian Grey. It's the fisrt book in English (and not adaptated to students) that I read (I had been reading it since september!). At the beginning I just could read one or tho pages each day, but in the end I could read entire chapters without lose myself, jejeje.
Do you know English books interesting and easy to read? I don't want to lost the habit of read in English...
Well, happy New Year Eve!
Margarita said…
Hi, Dani!
Thanks so much for writing! I’m very sorry about my long delay. Holidays, you know, ...
So you're a "bookworm"... That’s great. Well, I think I know quite a few interesting books (at least for me!) in English, I'm not so sure they are easy to read, ... but as you’ve noticed, the more you read, the easier you’ll find it.
I wouldn’t know where to begin, so since you’ve mentioned Stieg Larsson I have to tell you that yes, I read his 1st Millennium book but I’m afraid I didn’t like it that much. Perhaps it had to do with expectations, I had heard so much and so good about it that I was truly disappointed; to me, it’s just not literature. I don’t mean to be snobbish or anything but if all the advertising campaign had just been about how entertaining it was, it might have been OK for me, but when people such as Mario Vargas Llosa promote it, well! with all my due respect, ... it’s not good at all. For pure mystery and entertainment, the great Conan Doyle is waaaaaay better, even P. Highsmith or Agatha Christie were far-better writers than Larsson in my humble view, ... So if you like suspense why not try them in English? And if you’re into terror, nothing surpasses “old” Edgar Allan Poe, he has some fantastic (in every sense) short stories, maybe not too easy, but being short, they might be all right. You could try “The fall of the House of Usher and other writings”, which is a collection of tales, poems and essays.
Anyway, if youre just looking for something easy to get used to English and you enjoyed Millennium you could try it in English, they don’t have that much vocabulary and very few subordinate clauses or figures of Speech.
I could go on and on about literature in English, I just love it. Lately I’ve been devoted to American writers and there are so many so good, ... right now I’m with John Updike’s “Rabbit Redux” and at the same time Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping. I’m loving both but they’re not thrillers, bestsellers or anything like that, just “plain” good novels!
I also read The Road by Cormac McCarthy (he’s famous for No country for old men) a while ago. They’re making a movie out of it, by the way. I think the man writes well though the story was very “apocalyptic” for my taste but he writes in short sentences and it might be easier to understand than the others, you might enjoy him perhaps, ...
Well, I don’t want you to get too bored or to steal more of your studying time (ha ha).
Once again, sorry for taking so long to answer you and thanks for writing.
See you!
PS: We can talk books whenever you want. Did you enjoy The Picture of D.G? I hope so, ...

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