8th March, 2024


To celebrate this day, let's begin by discussing a few questions here
Next, we're going to watch a short video (via Learn English British Council)
where five people talk about a woman that they admire
Listen and answer:
Who are the women mentioned? Why do they admire these women?:
What about you? Who do you look up to?
Here are 100 women worth knowing in different fields
Related to role models are "gender role stereotypes"
Watch the video and let's discuss its questions:
So much can be said about human rights
If you want to explore Women's,
here's a label for this blog's previous "exploration": Women's Day
Finally, we can't end a day like this without some music, 
a field where so many talented women are blossoming
Here's a song by some about "Empowerment"
Complete the lyrics on Lyrics Training
Can you find any examples of 'Empowerment'?
Full lyrics:


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