Infographic, Mixtape Video, Transcript, plot and much more 
on Visual English School: A sprinkle of nostalgia 
Look at the infographic above and
Discuss these questions in small groups 1st & then in class:
What's the 1st music player you remember?
Do you like listening to whole albums or just some tracks?
Do you know any famous soundtracks?
What's a hit you can't stop listening to? Does it have a catchy melody?
Are lyrics important to you?
How important is music to you?
Do you enjoy dancing or singing?
How do you feel when you dance or sing?
Do you often talk about music with your friends?
Watch the video "Mixtape" paying attention to detail:
Test your memory:
Where does the boy put the mixtape?
What year is it?
What's the boy's name? And house number?
How's the boy's bedroom decorated?
More after-watching Questions:
Describe the short film in your own words 
Did you like it? Why (not)?
What words would you use to describe the music in this film?
Have you ever made a mixtape or a playlist for someone?
Was it a good idea for the boy to record this mixtape? Why (not)?
Thanks to Kieran Donaghy for his lesson published on Film English
and, as mentioned above, to Alexandra Kapinya at Visual English School


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