A day in the life


What are some common activities that people do on a typical day?
For example, what do you and the people around you do every day?
Dou you like having routines?
Do you think it is healthy to have them? Why (not)?
What's your favourite daily activity? And your least favourite?
Here are some phrases to help you with daily activities:
Read and practise (a lot!) here
2 more "Geniallys":
Baamboozle Time: 
1, 2 (what do you do?), 3 (What does he/she do? - Add the -s!)
Further practice on Enjoy: 1, 2
Games to learn English: What do you do on Sunday?
Time expressions and daily activities on the previous entry
Listen or read: My daily routine
Complete the sentences (1 per student)
Some extra questions:
What makes a day wonderful or special? What do you do on it? 
Writing: My dream birthday


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