On Monday morning...

It seems that lucky you, 1ºBacB, won't be starting at 8:30.
Enjoy it while you can! (it won't be long now)

Will it be useless to tell
1ºBac to take a look at the Passive Voice?
2ºBac: Remember you have your exam on Tuesday,
hopefully I'll be back with you at this crucial time in your lives (haha).
And my little 1ºESO students:
Why don't you watch this video for some singing, dancing
and practising the Past Tense
? Of course
I remember we haven't finished this one yet:
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, ...

Finally, a song which reminds me of the sea, the beach, the summer,
(perhaps because the singer is from Hawaii):

Well, bye for now. Whether you believe it or not, I'm...:


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