How do you say 2010?

Believe it or not, this issue caused some brainy (if democratic) debate:

Read more about it
Some even took sides!

What do YOU prefer?


Anonymous said…
Hello teacher! I'm Inés and I want to know my mark of the exam! Thanks!!
Margarita said…
Hi, Inés!
You had a 7.75. Your best mark so far ...
See you!
Merche said…
Hello teacher! I'm Mercedes,and I want to know my mark of the exam! Thanks!!
Margarita said…
Hi, Mercedes!
You had a 7. I'm sorry, I think you could have done better (and you will, I'm sure).
See you!
LucHii ..] said…
Hi teacher!!! How are you? Lucia Girola, Noelia and Soraya want to know our mark. Bye thanks!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!! We are Maria and Ester Dorribo and we want to know our mark of the examn.
See you.
Anonymous said…
hello teacher! I'm lucia guerrero and I'd know my mark in the last test.could you tell me it¿thank U
C U monday
Margarita said…
Hi, everybody!
Here are your marks:
Lucía Girola: 7
Noelia: 8.25
Soraya: 8.25
María: 3.25
Esther D. : 4 (Sorry, María and Esther. Keep working, I'm sure your marks will get better)
Lucía Gue.:9 (but this message you wrote should have been better written, ...Were you in a hurry?)

Have a nice weekend! "C U!"
lucy said…
jajaja no, I were not in a hurry but I didn't know how to say that in another way jajaj
nice weekend
anXe said…
Hellow teacher!!I´m Ánxela.
I want to know my mark!
Margarita said…
Lucía "Gue", this is getting worse! I WERE not in a hurry... How can you have a 9 and then make these "rookie" mistakes?
Ánxela: 5.25
Anonymous said…
oh i was wrong, yes jajaj.I WAS not in a hurry,speaking in your blog can improve our bad english jaja
Margarita said…
That's the idea, Lucía ..., thanks for writing!
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher!!I´m Emma and I want to know my mark of the exam!In my opinion,the exam was difficult,and I belive that I didn´t pass it!! Thanks!!
See you!
Margarita said…
Hi, Emma!
Your mark is 5.25.
I'll show you the exam on Monday and we can talk about it. Thanks for writing.
See you!
Anonymous said…
hi teacher im carlos and i want to know my mark .see you!!!!

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