Ciug Exams

Here are the exams from previous years including the Listenings.


daniel said…
can you give me my mark????
Margarita said…
Hi, Dani!
Yes, I can: 6
See you!
(You could have added "please"!)
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher,I'm Paula, could you give me my mark, please??

Thank you very much:)
Margarita said…
Yes, of course: 9.75
(I hope you won't be disappointed. It's a great mark ...)
Oscar said…
Hi, I´m oscar, can you give my mark
Anonymous said…
hi teacher can you tell me my mark? im carlos
Margarita said…
Hi, Óscar and Carlos!
Your marks are:
Óscar: 5.5 (I thought it was higher)
Carlos: 4.75
Anonymous said…
hi techer, can you give me my mark please? i´m julio!!
Margarita said…
Hi, Julio!
How is it going? Playing cards? ...
Your mark is 5.25
See you!
Anonymous said…
hello teacher!!
can you give me my mark?
I'am noe
marta said…
can you give me my mark?
Anonymous said…
hi teacher!!
could you give me my mark please?
I'm Iñigo
Lucia Guerrero said…
Margarita I'm so dissapointed...I have just seen Xunta web and they don't let us apply for a grant cause we've gone in's really a pity.I hope you tell me if you see another kind of grant that we are able to apply bye thanks,see you Thursday
Margarita said…
Marta: 5.5
Iñigo: 9.25

Noé:in 1ºC I told you I'd have your marks tomorrow. If I can, I'll tell you later today but I'm not sure, I still have some Carnival shopping to do...

Lucía: I'm sorry for you but the idea is giving more & new people the chance to go... But if I find out about other grants, of course I'll let you know. You are lucky anyway: at University you'll have European programmes and new opportunities to study abroad. Don't worry!

Enjoy Carnival!
Margarita said…
Hi, Noé!
Your mark is 6.
Cristopher said…
Hello teacher, i wanna know my mark pls... tnx
Anonymous said…
cam you give me my mark? I am lois!!
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry for writing because I'm tired of the championship:)

Margarita said…
Good morning!
Cristopher: 7.75
Lois: 7.25
How are you doing at the championship, Lois?
SoyUnaGalleta said…
Hi! Im Sara! Could you give me my mark, please? :)
Margarita said…
Hi, Sara!
Your mark is 8.5
So you like Little Miss Sunshine...
Well, so do I.
See you!
SoyUnaGalleta said…
I dont like that film, I love it ^^
Margarita said…
OK! So do I.
What about the music? Don't you find it just great? Have you seen it in English?
SoyUnaGalleta said…
I did, I saw it more times in original version that in spanish!
The music is very nice! :)
Alba Guede said…
Hi teacher :), I'm Alba Guede. Can you give my mark please?

Thank you!
Margarita said…
Hi, Alba!
Your mark is 6.75
See you!
SoyUnaGalleta said…
teacher! I have to give you the 'partes de asistencia'!! I always forgot it!!
Margarita said…
What are you doing with any "Partes" - Attendance Registers? Aren't they Paula's "job"?
Please, hand them to me tomorrow, I'll be looking for you! And, please, try not to forget about them again!
See you!
SoyUnaGalleta said…
I refer to... ''faltas de asistencia'' hahaha
the letters which the Otero sends to the students homes with the hours that you didnt asist to class...
or something similar... :S
Margarita said…
Well, OK!
That can wait until Monday!
Have a nice weekend!
SoyUnaGalleta said…
ok! so ill give them next Monday!

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