Hi, 4º ESO "C"!

Welcome to my blog!

You can write to me and to your classmates in English,
you can also practise online, etc.
For Unit 1 you can try some of these activities:

1. Present Tense: Simple, Continuous and both :
1, 2, 3
(In “Learnenglish”, go to 1st or 2nd year: Grammar and then click on
Simple, Continuous, and Difference and Use.
There is an explanation and the exercises are on the top in the lilac column – ex 1, ex 2, etc)
4, 5

2. The GERUND: 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Animals: 1,
Now click on 2nd Year, Vocabulary and Animals: You’ll see 7 exercises at the top
2, 3, with pronunciation: 4
And here is a List of Animals.

If you need more activities, just tell me.
Have fun and I hope to hear your opinions, ideas, comments, ...

Greetings from your teacher!


Phany said…
Hola Margarita soy tu alumna Alexia Rodriguez de 4ºC y me gustaría que me dijera la nota que he sacado en el examen que realizamos hoy,si puede ser tambien la nota de Sara Álvarez de 4ºC
margarita said…
Next time in English, PLEASE!
YOU: 7
Sara: 7,5
See you!
Greta said…
!!Buenos días por al noche!!
Soy otra de tus alumnas,Greta Álavarez a la que tambien me gustaria (si puede ser) que me dijeras mi nota.
Muchas gracias,espero su respuesta.
P.D:Siento no escribir en ingles,pero esque me expreso mejor en castellano
margarita said…
Greta, Thanks for writing. Next time in English, ENGLISH, PLEASE!

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