Friday, 26th "2nd Language" Class

Here we are again.
Today's "menu" is this:

1st:LISTENING activity

We'll practise some very common Phrasal Verbs with LOOK.
(If you need to check any vocabulary in these activities, you can use this online dictionary).

When you're done with these activities, you can have a look at these expressions for debating and discussion.

And look up some useful vocabulary for next Monday's debate.

Have a nice class!


Lara said…
Hola teacher!
Cuando corrijas los examenes si puedes dime la nota que saqué soy Lara de 4ºC. Y la de Arancha y Nerea tambien. Gracias!!
margarita said…
Hi, Lara!
Next time in ENGLISH, PLEASE!
You: 7.75
Arancha: 5
Nerea: 6.5
See you!
Ester said…
I really enjoy this song search it in yoube
se you!!

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