The Passive 2017

How do we transform from Active to Passive Voice?

1) "Classical"
Subject + Verb +Direct Object
Direct Object becomes > Passive Subject 
+ Be in the same Tense as Active Verb + Past Participle of Main Verb 
+ Agent: BY + Active Subject (Attention to PRONOUNS):
We speak English: English is spoken by us
I have made my bed: My bed has been made by me
Some Practice:
Revise and Practise VERBS in the Passive Voice: 1, 2, 3

2) Indirect Object becomes Subject
Common with verbs such as Give / Lend / Bring / Send / etc:
They* are giving her the news / the news to her
She is being given the news 
(less common: The news is being given TO her)
Peter could lend us his car:
We could be lent his car by Peter /  His car could be lent TO us BY Peter
Transform: 1, 2

3) "Gossip" / Impersonal Passive:
After verbs such as Say / Tell / Believe / Think /... + Clause
There are 2 ways to transform them:
People say that Ms. Smith comes from New Zealand:
It is said that Ms. Smith comes from New Zealand / 
Ms. Smith is said to come from New Zealand
They thought that the mysterious man was a spy:
It was thought that the mysterious man was a spy /
The mysterious man was thought to be a spy
Practice: 1, 2
Play with the Passive (again): 1, 2

* When the active Subject is They, People / Someone .. . the Agent is omitted
Lots of amazing practice ;) on this Label including SONGS like


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