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We used to write letters

What time is the film on?

How long have you..?

Word order in questions

Animal Bodies


What have you got?

What was he doing when you called him?

He is with his friends

Yes, she is / No, he doesn't

Time to write

She is with her sister

I me my

Super Size Trouble

Portimao by Iria

Gerunds and Infinitives 2019

More Modals, please

Shakespeare is back on stage

Where the 2nd Term is reviewed

2nd TERM Review - 1st ESO

I'm feeling sick

Modal verbs 2019

Reported Speech 2019

The house

8th March, 2019

Let's have a healthy snack

How much is this?

What's for lunch?

Irregular Verbs Fun

Otero Students' English Blogs

Best Videos Ever?

My Presentations

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