November, 25th

What happens on November, 25th? Check here
More info and activities on the "Women's Day" Label
Today we'll focus on "Teen Dating Violence"
Have you ever heard of it? 
If not, can you guess what it is?
Here is a previous entry to find out 
The That's not cool website:
Callout cards (like the ones above)
Cool not Cool Quiz
Read about Dating Violence:
  1, 2, 3: Red Flags in relationships, 
4: What you need to know about dating violence: a teen's handbook
Ted Videos: 1, 2
Games to educate teens about dating violence: 1, 2
Speaking activities and their activity guides : 123
So, what are healthy relationships?: 1, 2, 3, 4
You can also read and watch this interesting TED Ed chat:
"The 3 core skills for healthy romantic relationships"
Writing: Choose one of these:
- In your opinion, what is a healthy relationship?
- A letter to a friend in a 'toxic' relationship
Finally, a beautiful song for anyone hurting out there:

Wishing you a peaceful 25th November


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