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It's 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Why November, 25th? Listen and learn about why this date here
Revision from this blog, including Dating Violence Questions for debate Some useful Spanish-English vocabulary to discuss the topic via ISL COLLECTIVE: Attitudes to gender equality and violence against Australia Do they ring a bell?
Lesson Plan on Gender Violence: 1, 2 (PDF) via GENTEX  Entry on Violence against Women by ESL Chestnut
Reading: Domestic Violence and Abuse Getting out of an abusive relationship
The Women Project by Carol Rossetti
A couple more brilliant illustrations:

The Violence Pyramid: 1, 2
Because it's such a relevant issue, here are some links in Spanish & Galician:
La pirámide de la Violencia (via Amnesty International)
Disturbing news via El País
A positive message by MBCP to end the day

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