Have a spooky 2017 Halloween

It's Halloween again!
So many things have been said and done before. Check them on this Label
Here's some new stuff...:
Picture from this awesome Power Point by ESL ADVENTURE

Some new activities via ISL Collective:
A couple of (easy) Readings: 1, 2 + Halloween Traditions, Read and Complete
Vocabulary: Odd one out
and other websites, too:
ALL GRAMMAR THINGS Listening "What is Halloween?"
Two Intermediate Lessons (Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Speaking Practice): 1, 2
Halloween Vocabulary: 1, 2
Video time: 1, 2, 3
More Speaking - Halloween Questions: 1, 2
Frightful Idioms via OXFORD ELT

Test your knowledge:
A Halloween Quiz
Halloween Trivia
Finally, how about playing these online Halloween Games?:


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