School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Today is January, 30th - School Day of Non-Violence and Peace
but, do you know why it takes place on this date?

WRITING TASKS (Choose one): 
1) Do you know any Peace Prize Laureates?
Go to this website, choose one and write his/ her biography
2) Choose one of these cartoons
Describe it, say why you've chosen it, what it tells you, ...
3) Are you good at poetry?
Can you write your "acrostic poem"?:
4ºESO's 1st results

Songs about Peace:
Do you know these ones? and any others?

What synonyms of "Peace" can you think of?
Write them down and create your "Word Cloud"
with one of these Generators
Here's a one for you:
Do you understand all the words?

Apart from Gandhi,

other great women and men
have contributed to Peace and a better world.
Learn about some of them:
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malala Yousafzai
Nelson Mandela (video task)

Diwali, Festival of Lights
The history of the Peace Corps

Can you tell about any ongoing conflicts round the world?
Learn about some of them here
Learn Peace

Are you an expert on Peace? Try this Quizzes: 1, 2

Advanced activities on war on Clicknlearn
(2º Bac > Issues > War - at the bottom):

Are you ready for the Peace Corps Challenge?:


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