New Year's Resolutions

How did you celebrate its arrival?
What do people do in Great Britain? The USA?...
What do you do?
Read: 1, 2
Do you know what New Year's Resolutions are?
Watch: 1, 2:

Ready to make your own New Year's Resolutions?
Talk about them in small groups,then share with the class
Use these pics to help you:
(Thanks to The English Student for this activity)
Resolutions from Busy : 1, 2, 3
More Speaking about New Year's Day/ Eve/ Resolutions: 1, 2, 3

 Other people's Resolutions:
Some people write their resolutions in a diary,
in their notebook or on a piece of paper.
Write some resolutions for the following people:
- You mother
- Your best friend
- Your boyfriend/ girlfriend
- Your teacher / language assistant
Can you think of funny or serious resolutions for the following people?:
- President Obama
- A famous pop star you like
- The Queen of England
- The richest person on the planet

Lots of previous years' resources on the "New Year's Day" Label


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