Hi, Ms Weiker's class!

Hi, everyone!
Great talking to you despite the technological problems!
These are some questions that we didn't have time to ask.
You can watch them yourselves:
Gael's Question for Yosmar
(We've already got your answers here)

Some answers to your questions:
What is your daily life in Spain like?
Miguel says:
"First I get up at 20 to 8, then I have breakfast. At 10 past 8 I go to school; after that, I study to ten past two. Then I go home and I have my lunch. After eating, I do my homework, then I watch TV, next I have a shower and after that I have dinner. At night I watch TV and I go to bed to sleep"

What is the climate like where you live?
Michaella explains:
"In Ourense it is very hot weather from April or May until about September or October, after those months it begins to get cold, some years it can snow. There are big temperature changes."

Diego Ojea tells about his favourite foods
Andrea tells when school is over
Florina answers what her school is like

Marcos is sending a message to Alexis

Have a great Summer!


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