Calling America

Hi, 1ºESO!
The time is coming for our Skype call...
This is where your epals live:
This is their school (also on Facebook)

And these are some of the questions they'll be asking you
(after the greetings):

Climate and Weather
1. What is the climate like where you live?
2. What is the temperature in Spain?
3. What season is Spain in now?

Daily Life
4. What is your favorite thing about Spain?
5. What is your daily life in Spain like?
6. What is your neighborhood like?
7. What are your favorite foods in Spain?

8. What is your favorite place to visit in Spain?
9. Have any of you been to the United States, or would you like to visit some day?

10. What is your school like? Do you have fun there?
11. What time does your school get out for at the end of the day?
12. When does your school get out for the end of the year?

But they also want to answer YOUR questions, so...
What would you like to ask them?

PS: Here are Your Questions


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