Happy Valentine's

I hope you have a day full of love.
This song is for those of you who won't be getting a Valentine's card, ...:


Hi Margarita,

That song's so beautiful!

Your students are so lucky to have a great teacher like you finding wonderful songs like this out there: it's nice, easy, slow and clear and I'll be recommending it to my students too.

I'm actually writing because I've tagged you in a "blogosphere-meme" currently flying around the internet.

Hope you'll enjoy doing it too!


It's here -

BTW, are you on facebook?
Margarita said…
Thank you for visiting and for your kind words and ,of course, for mentioning me in your blog. I'll go have a look.
I'm not on facebook yet(?),in fact, I don't know much about it, I have to admit. I'll ask my students, ...

Well, again, thanks for writing, it's not very common to read comments in my blog so it's a great pleausre.


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