Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year 2022!
New Year's Discussion (via Busy teacher and Pocket Passport)
What do you know about this date?
How is it celebrated where you live?
Do you like about the New Year?
Is New Year’s Eve a fun time for you? Why?
Do you do anything special on New Year’s day?
Do you like to stay up late on New Year’s Eve?
What do people in your country do on New Year’s Day?
Do you have a holiday on New Year’s Day?
Do you go anywhere special on New Year’s Day?
Do you like to watch the sunrise on New Year’s?
What are common New Year foods where you live?
What other traditional foods are popular in your country?
What words and phrases come to your mind when you hear this phrase?
Look at the picture above and 
More New Year's vocabulary here and here (with PracticeTests)
British New Year Celebrations Reading and/or Listening (A2)
All about New Year for kids here
What are New Year's Resolutions
Have you ever made any?
What can you change... for the better this year?
Can you think of any ideas for a better life?
Here are some fields to consider:
Family, Friends, School, Health and fitness, The planet, New interesting activities
Can you come up with a Resolution for each?
How many ideas do you have to improve your life in 2022?
For more inspiration, read this
Watch this video + activities to find out or revise on this blog
What about a classic song and its fill-in-the-blank activity to celebrate 2022?

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