Taking risks


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Are you a risk taking kind of person or are you averse to risks?
What's the biggest risk you have ever taken?
In your opinion, what are the most dangerous jobs? (Check here)
Does being a student involve taking risks? How? 
Would you ever consider doing a job that is full of risks?
Would you ever risk your life for anyone? How about for money?
Are risk takers more successful in life?
What risks have you taken that have gone wrong/ worked out properly?
Have you ever tried / Would you ever try an extreme sport like the ones above?
(Questions adapted from Lingo Ties)
Revise on this blog: Are you a risk taker?
Vocabulary Practice:
TAKING RISKS: What words come to your mind?
Are they any of these? - Unit 1 Vocabulary
Do you know any of these collocations with "Risk"?
Reading and Writing: Someone I admire
Watch the video:
What is the man like? And the woman?
Who is more of a risk-taker?


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