Happy New Year

Picture via ISL Collective
Now that the "notorious" 2020 is over,
here are some of its highlights - thanks to Know your Why! for them-
2021 has come to stay a while,
with it, comes the time to refresh our knowledge of New Year,
its traditions and celebrations, like New Year's Eve
What words or phrases come to your mind about it? 
Any of these?:
Thanks to 7ESL for this picture and explanations
How did you celebrate it this year? 
What do people usually do in Spain on this date
What about other countries?
How this date is celebrated round the world:
Readings: 1, 2
Reading 3 (B2):  Read and form the words
Take the New Year Quiz
A typical tradition is making "New Year's Resolutions"
What are they? 
Have you ever made one? If so, would you share it?
What do you think are common resolutions/ goals?
Are they easy to keep? Why/ not?
Will you make one this year? Can you think of ways to "stick to it", to achieve it?
Is your goal/ resolution one of these?: 1, 2, 3 (Eco-Friendly Resolutions)
Read and watch here for some help on what Resolutions are 
and, more importantly, how to keep them
New Year's Resolutions Readings: 1, 2
Are there any that you would subscribe?
Listening: People's goals and advice for the new year: 1, 2, 3, Dictation
Let's watch some examples of New Year's Resolutions:
 Resolutions using WILL with Simon's cat:

and from the classic sitcom Friends:
Time to think deeply about our own goals for the year ahead with this Worksheet
As we have seen, New Year's Resolutions may be hard to keep,
maybe we can make them in  #oneword
Happy New Year! (2021 is the new 2015 ­čśë)
Thanks to The English Student for their great work!


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