Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

is a US holiday marking his birthday on January, 15th.
learn about his life, death and accomplishments:

and answer these questions.
Here's an extract from his famous 'I have a dream' Speech:


Pilar said…
I remember when I was a Baccalaureat student and my English teacher asked us to learn by heart a fragment of his speech. Now I'm an Englsih teacher too and I'm so grateful to her. Happy to see that English teachers still use MLK's inspirational words for their lessons :-) Great blog, by the way!
Marga said…
Today we need inspirational people more than ever! Thanks for writing and for your nice words. Your blog looks very interesting.
Pilar said…
Thank you, Marga :-) And you're right. We're much in need of such people.

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