Some videos for the weekend

Recommended by Brais (1st Bac)
Dear 16-year-old Me

Thanks, Brais! It's a great video and we should all watch it.

Now a silly one that might bring a smile to your face:
The Manslater

And especially for 3ºESO after your GORILLAZ Reading:


ZephiR said…
back in 97, is when rap first made its presence
thought it was a blessin so I started taken lessons
heard it on the radio, thought that it was crazy so
I tried to write a rhyme, but i was just a baby tho
couldnt put a line together, timeing took, forever
but it got me on my level, now im rhyming more then ever
developin a style unique to keep me clever
severed any loose ends, always 'stormin' in the weather, listen.
even though my reasons werent ever really clear

i send you my song for the e-mail (:
Iris said…
hi teacher can you tell me my mark, please? thanks ; )
Marga said…
Iris: your mark in the exam is 8.
OK, Zephir!
See you tomorrow
Iris said…
really? thanks teacher

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