How are you feeling?


Anonymous said…
Teacher, when you have my mark, tell me please :)
ZephiR said…
Teacher, can you tell me my mark, please?
thank you^^
Teacher when you have my mark please tell me
I'm Iván
Anonymous said…
Teacher, I'm Andrea, Can you tell me my mark, please? Thank youu :)
Marga said…
Here are your marks:
Uxía R.: 6
Martín: 3 (Sorry I was right in my predictions!)
Iván: 8.5
Andrea: 8.25

Enjoy the end of this 'beautiful' Sunday,
Anonymous said…
Can you tell me my mark, please? I'm quique
Marga said…
Hi, Quique!
Yes, I can. Your mark is 7.75
See you!

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