Connecting People with Epals

And I'm still waiting for your promised comics...:
(Here Iago B's)


Anonymous said…
Teacher i can´t enter in epals, i didnt go to school wednesday and thursday so i dont know how :S
Ah, when you have my mark, please tell me :)
Mario Blanco said…
Hi Teacher! Look at my epals account! haha my friend answered my message :).
Please tell my mark when you have it :)
Thank you.
Hi teacher
Please tell my mark when you have it
Thank you.
Hi teacher!!

When you have my mark tell me it please!!
ZephiR said…
Hi teacher!
Can you tell me my mark in the exam, please?
thank you
quique said…
Hi teacher, What is my mark in the latest exam,please?
Marga said…
These are your marks in this exam (not the Term marks):
Uxía Rguez: 5.25 (I'll tell you about Epals in class or if you send me an email).
Mario: 8.5
Iván: 7.5
Brais: 5.75
Martín: 4.5
Quique: 8.75
Happy Weekend!
Mario Blanco said…
Thank you teacher! :)
quique said…
Thank you Margarita
Marga said…
You're welcome!
See you

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