I'm done with correcting today!

And this cheerful song was on the radio as I finished:


3º ESO A Otero said…
Hi, I'm Antía. Can you tell me my mark in the exam? I forgot to ask you yesterday.
Marga said…
Hi, Antía!
Your mark is 9.25. Now you can create a witty Voki that uses Comparison...
Enjoy your Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher! I'm Mario, Can you tell me my exam mark? Thank's!
Marga said…
Hi, Mario!
Of course I can:
Your mark is 8.75
See you tomorrow!
PS. "Thank's"?? What's that?
Anonymous said…
"Thank's"? I wanted to say "Thank you" haha sorry
hi, I'm Ivan 1º Bachillerato A
Can you give me my exam mark plis?
Marga said…
Hi, Iván:
Of course!

See you!

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