What's your favourite day of the week?

What's your favourite month? 1, 2
And Day of the week? 1 , 2
More practice on Ventures Arcade > Basic > Unit 2 and here.

Do you know the song "Friday, I'm in love" by The Cure?:

(Lyrics and Translation here.)


Aurora Jove said…
Dear Marga,
Thanks for your nice comment on "Think in English". I follow your blog " English teacher" too. Great job!
Greetings from the "North" ;-)and a virtual kiss :-*)

PS: "Friday, I'm in love" is one of my faves.
Maria Bleda said…
I leave my comment on this post because I cannot decide which is my favourite. Your materials are excellent!!!! I've just begun my own blog and you are a referent. THANK YOU SO MUCH. www.eslfolder.blogspot.com
Marga said…
Thanks a lot for writing to my blog and for your kind, encouraging words!
I'll be keeping an eye on yours too.

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