Revision Time, 1ºESO

1st of all, why don't you revise?
- Subject and Object Pronouns
- Simple VS Continuous Present
both in this previous entry

And now, here are some of the entries we've seen during this school year.
The time has come to revise them. Choose:
- Alphabet, Numbers, Dates, ...
- School Subjects, The Time, Nationalities, ...
- Describing people, 'S genitive, Have got, There is/ are, Place Prepositions...
- Simple Present, Frequency Adverbs, ...
- Daily Routines, animals, body parts, ...
- Un/Countable Nouns, some-any, Present Continuous, Places in town, ...
- There was/ were, Simple Past, ...
- House, Furniture, Going to, ...
- And plenty more, even Basketball!

CAN: 1, 2, 3

Read about London and then take the Quiz

And, finally, two games for you:

2. Wild Word West:
Have fun!


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