New Year's Resolutions

I've left this most typical tradition for the end of the Christmas season, ...
New Year's Resolutions:
"New Year's Day is a time of new beginnings, so people often make new year's resolutions---promises or goals they hope to accomplish during the coming year. Such resolutions often include losing weight, getting in shape, or eating a healthy diet. Other resolutions might deal with improving one's relationship with a family member or friend. Sometimes, these resolutions are short lived, that is, people don't follow through on their plans. However, the new year gives people opportunities to change and improve their lives." (from dailyesl)

Let's find out more about them:
The Top 10 Resolutions for the "Exercise Impaired" (= lazy ones)
You can listen to people talking about them:
1 , 2, (intermediate) 3 (advanced)
And this song is about them too, there's an exercise about it.
The Learning English BBC series "The Flatmates"
 has a chapter about Resolutions too.

Are you ready to make your own resolutions?
Then see different ways to do it
apart from the typical phrases "I'm going to..." or "I will ...".

Finally, some of you are going to watch the
Friends Episode "The one with All the Resolutions"
and we'll do these activities about it.

So, Happy New Year (again!) and Be brave...
Keep your Resolutions!


Alba said…
hello teacher Iám alba gil the student of 1ºc
can you pass by my blog?
Wow, Margarita!

What a great blog, I just came across it in the edubloggers directory and I'm really impressed with what you've been doing. Love the cartoon resolutions.

I will add this blog to my blogroll for students at

Keep up the great work,

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