The consumer society

Discuss these questions in pairs/ small groups:


1. Do you like to shop and if so, what are some things you usually like to shop for besides the basics?
2. How have shops and stores changed over the years? 
3. Are you an online shopper and if so, what do you typically buy? 
How does this experience compare to shopping in a physical store?
4. How are the terms 'consumption' and 'consumerism' related? 
What role does consumerism play in the environment, the economy, and in our daily life? 
Do you think consumerism can affect our well being?
5. What are the differences between "needs" and "wants"? 
Do you think society's needs and wants have changed over the years? 
If so, what could be some of the reasons besides creative and sneaky marketing strategies?
6. How has the role of marketing and advertising influenced consumerism? Can you give any specific examples?
Some more:
 What is Consumerism / a Consumer society? 
 Is there any pressure to make people shop? How? Do we buy too much? 
What is Planned Obsolescence? Is it only for appliances? What about clothes and accessories? 
 Is shopping good for our Planet? 
Where do the products that we use come from? How do we obtain them? 
Who suffers and who benefits from our shopping? 
 Do we have any power as consumers? Is the economy based on shopping or consumerism? 
How have people’s behaviours changed as a result of consumerism? 
What industries are related to consumerism? 
 Is it possible to be ‘green’ or conscience of the environment while being a consumer? 
 Have festivals (Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Valentine's Day
become opportunities to sell products? 

  Talk about pictures and cartoons:
What do think about these pictures and the cartoons above and below?

Shopping and Consumerism Vocabulary:
Videos on this topic:
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This topic in songs:
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