The Present

What follows is one (more) awesome Lesson Plan by Kieran Donaghy on Film English:

The Present

Step 1
Create an even number of groups
Half of the groups should come up with positive adjectives to describe character; the other groups have to come up with negative adjectives to describe character. 
You have 5 minutes to think

Step 2
Pair so that there is one member of the group who came up with the positive adjectives and a member of the group who came up with the negative adjectives in each pair.
Compare adjectives and to try to match the positive adjectives with a negative adjective. If you have not got the opposite of an adjective, try to supply it.

Step 3
Get feedback from the whole class, and write up the most common positive and negative adjectives.

Step 4
In your pairs, discuss the following question. Use both positive and negative adjectives:
What adjectives are normally used to describe teenagers?

Step 5
You are going to watch a short film in which you see a teenage boy. As you watch you should think of adjectives to describe the boy and his behaviour.

1st. we'll see the film until 02:41:

Step 7
Get feedback from the whole class on the boy’s character and behaviour.

Step 8
Show the film until 02:41 again. Summarise the story the film tells.

Step 9
Predict the rest of the film.

Step 10
You are going to watch the rest of the film. As you watch you should compare your ending with what you see in the film.

Step 11
Discuss the following questions in a small group:
Was the ending surprising?
How does the film make you feel?
Has your opinion of the boy’s character changed?
Does the film have a message?

Step 12
Discuss with the whole class

Homework / Follow up:
Write a composition based on the point of view of the mother or the boy. (120 words)


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