May I lay my body at this hotel? ;)

Modal Verbs:
Revision on the Modal Verbs Label especially here and here
Complete these sentences:
 I can...
I may...
I might /not...
I could...
I will...
I should (= I ought to)...
I shouldn't (= I oughtn't to)...
I must...
I mustn't...
I don't have to...
I won't be able to...

Some Basic Practice:
Necessity: 1, 2,
Might (be)
Mixed Modals Game

Links to lots of Practice on Agenda Web: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Others: 1, 2
Modal Verbs in Songs: 1, 2 and in Frozen

The Body:
Practise with Shreck
The body in the news:
Read or Listen, then summarize and try the Word Search:
For the scientist in you:

At a hotel
Lots more Resources on ISL Collective

Your turn to Speak!:
In pairs, make conversations:
 - Checking in and out of a hotel 
Complaining - Role Plays

Of course, in order to get to some hotels, you may have to take a flight,
some Security Tips to watch and then check your understanding


Irregular Verbs Fun

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