Heading toward March, 8

(Poster by Satrun Twins)

International Women's Day 
is March 8th! This year's theme, 
encourages pledging towards women and girls worldwide 
to help them achieve their ambitions and to lessen the gap between gender inequality. 
Various events and traditions will be taking place 
to honour and celebrate women's rights and achievements worldwide.

Talking about the "Gender Gap"...
Here is the most recent Global Gender Gap Report
Where does your country rank?

How to summarize some of the challenges still ahead in 21st. Century?
Before we see an egalitarian world, there's still so much to do...
For example:
Where we stand: In Spain in 2017 Who they were

In small groups, discuss:
What are the qualities associated with men / women?
How are women and men portrayed in 
Adverts / Movies / Songs / TV Programmes?
Gender Roles
Are there toys for girls and boys?
(Riley  :) & Pens for Women
More Questions:
Gender Conversation Questions
 ISL Collective
Gender Conversation Questions
Questions from Busy Teacher, 2
Who are the Role Models for boys and girls?...
and related to it:
How many men and women appear in your textbooks?
Have you ever studied about the history of Women's Rights?
Positive Role Models inspire girls all over the world, so
Can you name...: 
any famous Scientists?
famous Writers?
famous Politicians / Philosophers / Sportspeople / Painters/ Activists...?
Are they mainly men or women?
Why do you think this happens?
Let's make women visible
This week we will tweet names of women 
who deserve to be remembered
(Remember to add #OteroEnglish and #adMÍRALAS)
Here are some links to get you started:
Women who changed the World

Women in the Workplace
The Gender Gap in Europe
2016 Rankings - Gender Inequality means:
Less pay, less top jobs, more temporary jobs,
less representation in Technology & Science
Women in STEM

Be Bold For Change


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