Linking Words

Today's classwork is:
1) Learn about Connectors:
(Thanks to the awesome The English Student, We love English for the pics)

Look at the pictures HERE
Pay attention to
Punctuation and to the structure that follows each connector!: 
- A Clause: I called because I was worried
- A Noun Phrase/ Ing Verb:
 Due to his financial problems, he can't go out as often as he would like to
- A To Infinitive: I went to the dentist's to have my teeth cleaned
  1, and LINKS to many exercises: 2, 3, 4, 5
Rewriting: 1, 2, 3
Revise on these entries (some are for lower levels, as you'll see)

2) Choose 1 Connector of each type below and 
Tweet 8 sentences (1 for ech type of the following Connectors) (#OteroEnglish)
OR write 16 sentences to hand in (2 for each type of Connector):
- Conditional
- Addition
- Cause
- Result
- Contrast
- Purpose
- Sequence

How many connectors can you identify in this song?


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