International Women's Day 2016

Learn about this Date and Women's Rights on previous entries
Read about March, 8th: 1, 2, 3
Resources on Women's History month 

In groups of 3 - 4 students, discuss:
1st. set of Questions: Equality
 Then share your views with the class
Some figures on Gender Equality in Spain (2012)

2nd. set: Women's place in History/ Art/ Science/ Sport/...
Discuss in groups and with the class
Your turn!:
This week you can find Women who have made History 
and tweet about them: Use the Hashtags: 
#OteroEnglish #WomenInHistory (etc)

3rd. set: Stereotypes

4th. set: What can each of us do to promote Equal Rights?
(apart from taking the Pledge and committing to it, of course)

What do you know about the fight for Women's Rights?
Here's an enlightening film on how hard it is to advance on Human Rights:


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