December 10 - World Human Rights Day

What are Human Rights?
Do you think there should be any? Which? Why on December, 10th?
Read them here or simplified for children: Human Rights
Find out more about them:
United for Human Rights
Human Rights in short videos: 1, 2 (Subtitles available)

Lesson Plan and Resources by Clark Hoefnagels

Explore and learn about Human Rights: 
What do YOU think?
Critical Questions (by Clark H.)
  • Do countries need to give their citizens human rights?
  • What human right do you enjoy that someone in another part of the world may not have?
  • Is the UN the best method of deciding what counts as a human right? Is there a better way?
  • Is digital privacy a human right?
  • What is the most important Human Right? What Human Right would you add if you could?


Follow up:
Tweet your thoughts about Human Rights (use the ideas above or your own)
or comment a colleague's
Remember these Hashtags: #humanrights and #oteroenglish 
Answer this question on paper (60 - 100 words)
(Give reasons to support your answer):
"Are human rights respected in our country?"


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