It's International Women's Day on Sunday

 As you may know, March, 8 is International Women's Day
and March is Women's History Month.
In order to make women's work visible,
you can tell us about women you admire on Twitter (etc.)
 using different Hashtags such as #oteroenglish

Previous years' Resources

Do you agree with Daniel Radcliffe's statement above?
Then you should learn about #HeforShe
and - Why not? Take action at He for She 
You should listen to Jackson Katz's talk "What's going on with men?
"There's so many men who care deeply about these issues, but caring deeply is not enough. We need more men with the guts, with the courage, with the strength, with the moral integrity to break our complicit silence and challenge each other and stand with women and not against them."
Other interesting TED TALKS on Feminism 

Famous women standing up for other women:
Emma Watson
Patricia Arquette

Can you think of any more situations like these?

Listen to Career Search
Are there jobs for men and women?
A sexist box office hit? 1, 2
Why you should talk to your kids about "50 Shades of Grey"
Stereotypes: Male vs Female brain

Some videos for thought:
10 hours of walking in NY as a woman
Always like a girl
What about TOYS?
Do you agree with differnet toys for boys and girls?
Here's what Charlotte Benjamin, a 7-year-old British girl,
wrote to LEGO last Xmas.:

Do you remember sweet Riley on this same issue? :)

She will love "The Guardian Princesses"
Let's talk! (More conversation on Gender roles on this post)

Happy March, 8!


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