As you may know, March is Women's History Month and

Leading up to that day, here's a project that we can all easily work on
to make women visible and help them receive the applause and recognition 
that many deserve, but, unfortunately, so often don't get:

If you know of any Galician women deserving to be known
for their (artistic, scientific, tech, sportive, ...) talents,
write a tweet where you MENTION tone, SAY something about her
and LINK to a website where we can learn more about her
Use these hashtags:
and with the aim of making women visible everywhere,
you can also share others - whether Galician or not, from every field - 
choosing some of these Hashtags:


If you can't think of any women for this project,
please, feel free to look them up on the Internet,
what really matters is for us to remember them
and help them become as famous as they deserve
 and they would probably be if, let's face it, they were men.

And don't worry if you haven't got a Twitter account: 
ask a colleague to publish your links for you 
or prepare a Power Point / video / poster / ...
with your Women in History - on your own or in groups

Happy March!

Bye for now with a song by a very talented female band:


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