Happy Thanksgiving

You can learn a lot about this holiday on these previous entries
What is Thanksgiving?:
Listen and fill in the blanks or try the quiz
Thanksgiving vocabulary: Listen and guess the answer
November words
What words do you recognise in the song "It's Thanksgiving"?
Lyrics here
Interactive Practice:
Thanksgiving on BrainPOP Jr.:
or follow the Pilgrims' adventure
Classic Thanksgiving Games:
Turkey Escape
 Thanksgiving Room Escape

To Watch:
The Chemistry of Thanksgiving
"Mayflower story" by The History Channel
"History of Thanksgiving" by Studies Weekly:
Answer these questions (Thanks to Dogonews):
  1. What was the name of the ship that sailed to America? 
  2. Who were the Pilgrims? Why did they leave England? 
  3.  What year did they arrive in America? Where?
  4. Who was the 1st. President to celebrate Thanksgiving?
  5. What is Sarah Josefa Hale best known for? 
  6. Who was the President that listened to her pleas? 
  7. What began in 1924? 
  8. What sport competition is held on this day?

Many movies, TV series, etc. deal with this date
Can you rememeber any that you particularly enjoyed?
Here's just one little scene Thanksgiving at TBBT

  What is "Turkey Day"? "Black Friday" (video)?
...and "Cyber Monday"? (this never stops!)
Listen and find out

So, what are you most thankful for this year? 


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