Happy International Women's Day

More posters for the men who tell women what to do or 
what they think of them in the street

Let's debate about men and women

Have a look at old materials and resources on previous entries,
And some new ones:
Portraits: Mothers and Daughters around the world
Videos  for March, 8:
4 TED-Ed lessons to watch on IW'sD:
Have you seen Google's Doodle?
More videos on International Women's Day. org

What about stereotypes?
How are women depicted in ads, songs, media, films, etc?:
Women in US ads
Women in Hollywood movies
and how are men supposed to be?
Do you think stereotypes affect people ?

Isn't it better for everyone just to try and fulfill our potentials?

 More interesting videos, infographics, etc. on
The Representation Project

Summing up,...
Does every princess really need to have a prince?


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