Australia Day

 Today, 26th January, is Australia Day.

After getting familiar with the Aussie lingo and
with The Simpsons' 'controversial' view of the country,
here are some more activities for you to get to know this amazing country:
- Revise your Aussie English and play:
- Some Listenings about Australia: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

- The Great Barrier Reef - in pictures: 1, 2 and videos: 1, 2:

Australia Guide in The National Geographic

We can't forget the suffering caused by colonisation...
What happened to the native inhabitants, the Aborigines?
Here's a film based on the true story of  3 Aboriginal sisters,

(on Vimeo, in Spanish)
Learn more about Australian Aboriginal culture
Listen to a didgeridoo song 
Watch & explore Aboriginal stories:
Happy Australia Day, everyone!


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