The world of sports

Regular exercise is really good for your mind and body. 
Find out what some of the benefits of exercise are
 in this activity:
Now test your knowledge
Read "The sporting spirit" and answer the questions.
Do you agree with the writer?
For Premier League Fans only:
"How much do you spend following your team?"

Tired of sports?
Try these crosswords on different topics:
Irregular Plurals
Ways to say Goodbye
and these quizzes:
Reading Test Time:
If you want to prepare it, 
this term you will be asked to read 
one of  these 16 Selectividad texts:
1 -4: 2010 - June and September
5- 8: 2011 - June and September
9 -12:2012 - June and September


Irregular Verbs Fun

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