This is Halloween

After all these previous Halloweens...
2012: 1, 2

Welcome to 2013 Halloween!
What do you know about this celebration?
Test yourself with this quiz
Read: "What do kids do to celebrate Halloween?"
Talk: 1: Would you rather...?, 2
Watch: Make some super-easy Halloween snacks!
After previous episodes of the "How to" series,
this year we'll be learning:

(Whole Halloween "How to" series here)
Would you like to be the star of a Halloween video?: 1, 2
or create your Halloween card ?
How about carving a pumpkin?: 1, 2, 3
Try these vocabulary games: 1, 2, 3
Other games: 1, 2, 3  
Halloween Escape:
Watch and do:

Finally, here's my little tribute to Mr. Lou Reed:
His "Halloween Parade"(lyrics & video)

I wish you a very...


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