Let's play...Bamboozled!

Hi, 2ºBAC C!
Seeing how much you seemed to enjoy
last week's Jeopardy game with Tanya,
I couldn't help but remember this delicious Friends Episode,
"The one with the baby shower" 
(It should have been called "The best game show ever"!).
Let's watch it and answer the 6 questions below:

1)      How long has Bob Barker been doing The price is right according to Joey?
2)      Chandler introduces himself as a headhunter and adds “Hi, ...:
3)      What does a Wicked Wingo Card do?
4)      When Chandler picks A Gimme card he ...
5)    Why doesn’t Ross get the Hopping bonus?
6)      In the end, the winner is...

Transcript and video with Spanish subtitles

 Finally, here are all the CIUG Listenings and
please, try not to make these rookie mistakes in Selectividad.

Well, ...this is the end!
I'm gonna miss those quiet afternoons in classroom B3 ;)
I wish you all the very best...you deserve it!
In fact, I've brought this friend along
to tell you a few words (don't cry, please... LOL)


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